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CA Technologies Releases Latest Sustainability Report

CA Technologies Releases Latest Sustainability Report

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the release of its latest Sustainability Report, as further evidence of the company’s long-term commitment to operational efficiency. The company has reduced its carbon footprint by approximately 50 percent since first taking part in the initiative in 2006.

Mock Interview Days at the Eddy and Trotter in Boston

Mock Interview Days at the Eddy and Trotter in Boston

During the week of January 22 - January 26 Citizen Schools welcomed over 80 volunteers to the Trotter Innovation School and Edwards Middle School in Boston, and the Browne Middle School in Chelsea to participate in Mock Interview Days.

We Can all Be Champions for Environmental Sustainability: Pauline Vogl, Cisco

We Can all Be Champions for Environmental Sustainability: Pauline Vogl, Cisco

I’m a champion for environmental sustainability. As a member of Cisco’s Corporate Affairs team, I’m constantly looking for ways to be a global problem solver and positively impact people, society, and especially the planet. From employee initiatives like reducing paper cup usage to cross-functional teams like Make IT Green to this month’s Earth Aware activities, there are plenty of opportunities for employees to become champions for the planet.

How Cisco supports tomorrow’s STEM superstars

At Citizen Schools, corporations committed to giving back to their communities play a large role in allowing us to bring our program to thousands of students across the country, and we’re fortunate to be working with one such company that takes CSR seriously: Cisco Systems, Inc.

The term, “corporate social responsibility” might sound like another boardroom buzzword at first, but it means a lot to us at Citizen Schools. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined as “a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.” CSR has been getting a lot of attention in recent years as a means for corporations to connect with their stakeholders and build trust with the public.

Cisco uses technology to meet some of society’s biggest challenges, including the STEM achievement gap. Tae Yoo, senior vice president of corporate affairs at Cisco, said in the New York Times that Cisco is strengthening the ranks of a new generation of thinkers and doers.

“We are harnessing the power of technology to launch a generation of problem solvers,” says Yoo. “They are being taught to innovate like technologists, think like entrepreneurs and act as social change agents.”

Cisco employees worldwide make time to volunteer, donating their time and money to improving the quality of life for those around them. But the spirit of giving doesn’t stop there. Cisco is also a valuable resource for nonprofit organizations in every stage of development, investing in innovative, early-stage solutions to successful nationwide program. We are thankful to be on the receiving end of Cisco’s generosity when it comes to volunteers, product grants and financial support.

Citizen Schools has partnered with Cisco since 2010, and we’re proud to be working with them again this year. In that time, 3,705 Cisco employees have volunteered with Citizen Schools and US2020. Together, they’ve completed nearly 47,000 hours of service. The Cisco Foundation has supported both Citizen Schools and MIND Research Institute to use MIND’s ST Math instructional software at several of our campuses in Illinois and Massachusetts. The goal is to offer more personalized and more efficient academic support during the expanded day for students. We’re continuing to implement it this school year.

Cisco provides charitable organizations with the financial and technological resources they need to achieve their goals. Qualifying organizations large and small apply for access to the networking technology and equipment necessary to increase their capacity to serve a community, a nation or the world. These grants aren’t given to just anyone. Cisco gives preference to organizations working in its three issue focus areas of critical human needs (food, shelter, water and disaster response); K-8 education, and economic empowerment. Cisco also asks that these applicants use the S.M.A.R.T. metrics system (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) to ensure that each recipient has an actionable game plan and end goal.

Citizen Schools has grown a lot in recent years, thanks to support from companies like Cisco. In one year, we expanded from 10 schools in five states to 29 schools in six states. In 2015, we enrolled our 40,000th student. With the increased capacity to serve more schools, we’ve seen some exciting statistics. Citizen Schools students perform three months ahead of their peers in math, on a yearly basis. 71 percent of Citizen Schools students graduate high school and 61 percent of CS alumni enroll in college. The impact is clear: Citizen Schools programs make a day-to-day difference for our students.

We’re learning something new every year. We’re achieving goals and setting new ones. Thanks to companies like Cisco and all of our corporate partners, we’re able to continue working to expand and elevate youth education. We know it’s essential to the future of discovery and innovation. That’s why we’re proud to be partners again in 2017, closing the opportunity gap one student at a time.

CA Technologies Releases Latest Sustainability Report

NEW YORK--Today’s release of CA Technologies (CA) latest Sustainability Report marks a continued evolution of corporate social impact, from environmental stewardship to broader societal change. The report outlines how CA Technologies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are linked to their business, positively benefiting customers, employees and communities around the world.

“Our CSR commitments reflect important global issues that affect our employees and customers, from environmental challenges to data security to talent management. Each year we monitor the trends that impact our business and our communities, and we respond by making strategic investments in our infrastructure and CSR programs to meet emerging needs,” said Erica Christensen, vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility, CA Technologies. “I’m proud of the progress we have made this year, discovering ways to operate with more purpose and advance sustainability within the communities we serve.”

Report highlights include:

  • Carbon Emission Reduction. Since 2006, CA has reduced its carbon footprint by approximately 36 percent, achieving an absolute GHG reduction target four years ahead of schedule. The Environmental Protection Agency equates this to removing 7,176 passenger cars from the road.
  • Materiality Assessment. In 2016, CA refreshed its materiality assessment, last conducted in 2013, to further align corporate sustainability strategy. Emerging focus areas include talent attraction and retention, diversity and inclusion, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, and cybersecurity and privacy.
  • Water & Waste Management. CA data centers utilize closed-loop water systems for cooling, thereby minimizing water use. In addition, CA reclaims 100 percent of rainwater from surfaces at its Hyderabad, India facility for landscaping needs.
  • STEM Education. CA is committed to building the STEM pipeline and increasing educational and professional participation by underrepresented groups, in particular women and students of color. This includes partnerships and programs with nonprofits including 100Kin10, the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Change the Equation, Citizen Schools,, Iridescent, IT-oLogy, NPower and PENCIL.
  • Green Buildings and Green Leases. CA incorporates sustainability elements into new leases, including provisions requiring the use of cleaning materials that are Green Seal-certified, inclusion of building-recycling programs, use of lighting sensors in common areas, and landscape irrigation systems that utilize rain sensor devices to minimize water use.
  • Employee Generosity. In FY2016, CA matched more than $1.3 million in employee donations to more than 1,600 nonprofits. This year, CA Technologies amplified their commitment to helping employees give back by increasing the matching gift limit from $5,000 to $10,000 and the number of volunteer days from three to five. The company’s worldwide employee volunteer initiative, CA Together in Action, takes place during the week of Earth Day in April. CA employees take time out of their workday to give back by participating in environmentally-focused volunteer projects and supporting the advancement of STEM learning.
  • Inclusion and Diversity. CA’s THRIVE program helps create an inclusive and flexible workplace by attracting, nurturing and retaining a diverse workforce. In the company’s most recent Employee Opinion Survey, 95 percent of all employees said their immediate manager treats employees fairly regardless of their age, family/marital status, disability, race/color, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

CA Technologies believes that today’s world needs products that are sustainable by design, with the inherent agility to take advantage of the application economy. Agile development contributes to sustainability, as it maximizes resource utilization and minimizes unnecessary expenses. At the same time, a world driven by software must put people at the center. CA Technologies CSR efforts combine environmental benefits with societal programs that transform lives.

This report, which covers the 2015 calendar year, was drafted in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Core guidelines and incorporates the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. For the fifth consecutive year, the report includes external assurance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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