Mock Interview Days at the Eddy and Trotter in Boston

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During the week of January 22 - January 26 Citizen Schools welcomed over 80 volunteers to the Trotter Innovation School and Edwards Middle School in Boston, and the Browne Middle School in Chelsea to participate in Mock Interview Days.

These volunteers came from over 20 corporations, non-profit organizations and colleges and universities to help our 8th grade students practice their interview skills.

The week began on Tuesday at the Trotter. Volunteers learned about the Trotter, Citizen Schools, and 8th Grade Academy during a 30-minute orientation. Following the orientation volunteers and students were divided up into two groups. Both groups completed an ice breaker activity before completing three rounds of interviews. During the interviews volunteers asked students a series of questions while also allowing time for students to ask the volunteers a question. The majority of interviews turned into authentic conversations as students and volunteers became increasingly comfortable with one another. In between the three rounds of interviews volunteers rated students on their performance during the interview while also leaving students with feedback to review. Following the three rounds of interviews volunteers completed a short reflection activity in small groups before departing.

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The Interview Day on Wednesday at the Edwards Middle School followed the same general format as Tuesday. The biggest difference was that students were only interviewed by one volunteer, but the interview lasted nearly 25 minutes and gave students and volunteers the opportunity to get to know each other well. By the end of the interviews there was an abundance of laughter heard throughout the two interview spaces. During the closing reflection activity volunteers forged authentic connections with one another as business cards were exchanged and a group photo was taken.

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The final Interview Day of the week at the Browne Middle School was Citizen Schools largest event of its kind to-date. Over 175 students were interviewed by over 50 volunteers who each interviewed 3-4 students. Volunteers and students rotated between the cafeteria, library and band room. There was  The event concluded with a whole group photos as well as some smaller group photos of organizations who came with over 10 volunteers.