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Empowering “Girls in Charge” to Become Women in Charge

Empowering “Girls in Charge” to Become Women in Charge

Guest Post By: Lucy Vasserman, Google - Current Volunteer Citizen Teacher and Citizen Schools New York Board of Advocates Member

I am a software engineer at Google. I teach with Citizen Schools because, as a woman in a male-dominated field, I know personally just how important education is to empowering women and minorities to join the tech industry.

Partnership Spotlight on CAW: Nonprofit Collaboration Maximizes Impact in the Classroom

Partnership Spotlight on CAW: Nonprofit Collaboration Maximizes Impact in the Classroom

One of Citizen Schools New York's most impactful and valued partnerships to-date is with a longstanding nonprofit partner: Creative Art Works (CAW). CAW is a 31-year-old nonprofit that empowers NYC young people through the visual and multimedia arts. A Citizen Schools collaborator and partner since 2012, CAW has led nearly 40 apprenticeships covering innovative topics such as Cartooning and Anatomy, Urban Design, Stop-Motion Animation, and Sneaker Branding.

Wells Fargo Apprenticeship in Houston

Over the last eight weeks, four volunteers from Wells Fargo Advisors have dedicated time each week to transform Jane Long Middle School students into aspiring, young business professionals. Students in the "Secrets to Making Money" apprenticeship mastered the basic concept of what it means to invest in stocks and how to choose companies worth investing in. For their 21st century skills, Wells Fargo Advisors have focused on building students’ data analysis and oral communication skills. Apprentices analyze all aspects, from revenue and earnings to the current market and how the company is faring.  Terms such as “bear market” and “bull market” are exchanged frequently by the students as they develop an expertise in market analysis.

Citizen Schools staff members work with Citizen Teachers to find interactive, engaging ways to teach students about stocks. Students have their own “bank accounts” and are able to earn money based on participation, individual achievements, and hard work. Depending on the amount in their bank accounts, students are then able to buy rewards at the end of the day. Apprentices are currently preparing a WOW! presentation showcasing a particular company's current position in the market, its competitors, and how to make a decision about investment based on financial analysis.

New "Campus Stories" Segment

Citizen Schools Texas is excited to introduce a new segment on our website that explores the human element of our campuses. Campus Stories on will capture the stories of a student, a professional volunteer, and a Citizen Schools staff member from each of our Texas locations. For two weeks, one school’s superstars will be highlighted on the website and will share how Citizen Schools has impacted their lives. Be on the lookout for our campus champions!

Spring 2011 WOW! Season

Although it’s hard to believe that another year is almost at a close, WOW! Season is just around the corner. Come say “WOW!” at one of the following events as our students showcase the products, presentations, and performances they have been working on all semester.


Sharpstown Middle School WOW! Showcase Thursday, May 5 6:00pm-8:00pm

Jane Long Middle School WOW! Carnival Saturday, May 14 10:00am-1:00pm

Jane Long Middle School Performance WOW! Thursday, May 19 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.



Bedichek Middle School WOW! Showcase-Tuesday Apprenticeships Tuesday, May 3 6:30pm-8:00pm

Bedichek Middle School WOW! Showcase-Wednesday Apprenticeships Wednesday, May 11 6:30pm-8:00pm

Kealing Middle School Games, Goofs, and Gardens WOW! Wednesday, May 11 3:30pm-5:30pm

WOW! Season and CT Thanks

We would like to congratulate all of our students on this year's wonderful WOW! Season. Students involved in Robotics, Italian Cooking, Video Game Design, Theater and other great apprenticeships showcased everything they learned this semester at WOW!s at their campuses, Reliant Arena and George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center in Austin. Several students in Austin even held a WOW! at the Texas State Capitol!

Along with the opportunity to present at great Texas locations, our students were able to come into contact with very influential people. The keynote speaker for this year's Houston STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) WOW! was Greg Hall, Owner of Driller's Supply International. Mr. Hall's company was responsible for drilling the rescue shaft that freed 33 trapped Chilean miners in 2010.

All of the Citizen Schools students, staff and parents would like to thank our Citizen Teachers (CTs) for an amazing first semester. As professional volunteers, CTs worked with our students for ten weeks on a hands-on project aimed at developing new skills and exposing students to exciting careers. This year's CTs showed great enthusiasm and energy during their sessions. We would like to recognize the following volunteers for their dedication to Citizen Schools.

Austin > Alecia Hudson, Edmund Napier, Alison Binford, Emily Potts, Mark Vories, Steven Delgado, Jana Dodoo, Jaclyn Reynolds, Sarah Davies, Matt Kanke, Jasmine Martin, Eric Shaffer, David Brown, Dan Harris, Gabriel Krajicek, Kyle Cox, Felix Lloyd, Kelsey Shipman, Robyn Brooks, Gwen Riley, Deborah Pearlman, Ann Roth, Colin Clark, Elizabeth Barrett, Maggie Weir, Judith Ries, Margaret Baguio, Jules Narcisse, Lee Webster, Mark Capraro, Donelle Starke, Shirley Sanders, Adam Niederpruem, Laura Daly, Rali Genova, Lonny Stern, Gery Henderson, Katy Kappel, Lee Ann Holman

Houston > Tempestt Walker, Erica Co-Reyes, Ogechi Wachuku, Joanna Russell, Rachel Stout, Wasif Ansari, Donald Mayne, Tom Tirado, Daniela Salvitti, Ashley King, Stuart Lunn, Jerad Brockman, Thomas Favrot, Brian Paddock, Jeffrey Matre, Ana Orozco, Jonathon Holmes, Joseph Parrish, Kelsy Jones, Kyle Noyes, Marlo Mantooth, Anna Wang, Gregory (Marc) Phillips, Jonathan Gonzalez, Nissa Higgins, Jonathan Gonzalez, Cici Ewing, Justin Smith, Matthew Olson, Jennifer Connatser, Alma D Silva, John Baucum, Bernardo Urdaneta, Bernadette Tretta, Benjamin Aranda, Mariken de Monchy, Kamari Brewer, Shaun Williams, Amal El-Mabhouh, Emily Brantley, Kimberly Muse, Michelle Jackson, Kaylene Ready, Rachel Theriault, Jennifer Litton