Wells Fargo Apprenticeship in Houston

Over the last eight weeks, four volunteers from Wells Fargo Advisors have dedicated time each week to transform Jane Long Middle School students into aspiring, young business professionals. Students in the "Secrets to Making Money" apprenticeship mastered the basic concept of what it means to invest in stocks and how to choose companies worth investing in. For their 21st century skills, Wells Fargo Advisors have focused on building students’ data analysis and oral communication skills. Apprentices analyze all aspects, from revenue and earnings to the current market and how the company is faring.  Terms such as “bear market” and “bull market” are exchanged frequently by the students as they develop an expertise in market analysis.

Citizen Schools staff members work with Citizen Teachers to find interactive, engaging ways to teach students about stocks. Students have their own “bank accounts” and are able to earn money based on participation, individual achievements, and hard work. Depending on the amount in their bank accounts, students are then able to buy rewards at the end of the day. Apprentices are currently preparing a WOW! presentation showcasing a particular company's current position in the market, its competitors, and how to make a decision about investment based on financial analysis.