Three Reasons Why You Should Use a One-Page Resume

Citizen Schools Talent and Recruitment Team

If you’re writing your resume and find your numerous skills, accomplishments and experiences are spilling over onto a second page, stop, drop and read:

Whether you are an aspiring member of the Teaching Fellowship’s class of 2012-2014 or a second year Teaching Fellow looking toward your next step, sit back with our National Recruitment Manager and hear why the Harvard resume format reigns supreme:

Three reasons to use Harvard resume format:

1)      It uses the space on the page effectively without overwhelming the reader.  There is plenty of space to share meaningful bullets about your job, but also requires you to only share the meaningful ones. Basically, 3-4 bullets per job keeps you honest and focused on the most significant accomplishments

2)      The format makes it really clear to the reader where you have worked, how long you were there, where you were educated, and what you studied in chronological order. This is really easy to follow.

3)      And lastly, the way in which this particular resume is crafted uses the format well because it notes specific, measurable achievements from each role he’s had. (E.g., how many direct reports he managed, how much money he generated/saved, etc). Second year Teaching Fellows can do the exact same thing by including quantifiable student results they delivered, specific improvements they made to campus operations/culture, and other notable achievements from their time in the Fellowship. The more specific about what you were expected to do and how well you met/exceeded those expectations, the better!

Sample Resume

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