Wells Fargo: Can Students Get a Little Credit?

Wells Fargo – in partnership with the American Bankers’ Association Education Foundation – is helping Citizen Schools’ students prepare now for the credit decisions that they will shortly face as adults. Their “Get Smart About Credit” curriculum introduces young people and families to the concept of responsible credit use and its relation to healthy finances overall. Alan Watkins, Wells Fargo’s Community Development Officer, says, “We are fortunate enough to have great nonprofit and community partners who allow us to leverage their existing relationships with different schools in order to introduce and present different financial topics to students. We are grateful to have Citizen Schools as a partner.”

On October 20, approximately 100 Citizen Schools families, students and community members attended the first in a Get Smart About Credit series at Sharpstown International School in Houston, TX. Another group attended a second workshop at Patrick Henry Middle School, also in Houston. Families – and even Sharpstown’s principal, Mr. Yu – learned valuable information that they can use at home to improve their personal finances.

Beyond financial literacy workshops, Wells Fargo provides financial and volunteer support in Citizen Schools’ North Carolina and New Mexico regions, often leveraging their signature curriculum, “Hands On Banking” to teach ten-week apprenticeships. Citizen Schools is grateful for the support of companies like Wells Fargo, who are working to ensure that the next generation is equipped with the skills they need to make smart money choices.