Teaching Fellow Spotlight: Karen Abraham


Karen Abraham is a graduate of Mercy College and a Brooklyn native dedicated to the creative expression of students. With a deep interest in hip-hop education, Karen uses it as a way to promote literacy and creativity. 

After graduating, Karen wanted to give back to students who come from similar backgrounds as hers. “I've always been someone dedicated to being of service to others, so why not to students who need the extra resources and attention.” 

Karen believes being part of the National Teaching Fellowship is an important role that requires hard work but yields the greatest results. “Students exploring areas outside their comfort zone can be challenging, but doing so builds character,” she says. “I am most inspired when I see students persevere through tasks that may not come easily to them at first.”

For the upcoming school year, Karen is excited and committed to fostering relationships with students, families and members of the Benjamin Franklin Health & Science Academy community.