How do Teaching FEllows Fight the OPportunity Gap?


As a National Teaching Fellow, you'll be a practical activist and put your beliefs into action to ensure all students have the skills, access and beliefs to succeed in college and beyond.

You'll also be part of the local community and affect change from within by building connections between students, families, schools, volunteers and community resources. Teaching Fellows personally make this happen for students across an entire school or grade level by plugging in to bridge gaps and connect the people who need to work together on behalf of students.



Becoming a Teaching Fellow means you're joining the largest team of volunteers working across communities nationwide. Joining AmeriCorps is about getting things done - one person, family or school at a time.


Middle School

You remember middle school, it was an awkward time when kids are most impressionable and the foundations are set for their academic futures. Invest your time when kids are growing at their fastest, emotionally and intellectually. Help ensure your students are on a path to success in college and beyond.


Campus Teams

Work alongside experienced educators and colleagues who are as determined to affect change in the community as you are. You’ll be embraced by a team that is both diverse in its composition and the ideas that it explores. Serve side-by-side with practical advocates eager to make meaningful changes in the community. Expect collaboration, inspiration and a push when it's time to fight harder to get things done.


Project-based Learning

Hands-on, experiential learning builds critical thinking skills, deepens interest in learning and helps foster better content mastery. Become an expert in how volunteers and subject matter experts can be used in schools to improve the relevance of what is taught and help make learning much more inspirational. What did you want to be when you grew up? Work with middle schools to shape their futures and help prepare them for a future career.


Two years

The Fellowship is a two year commitment because that is what it takes to get things done. We build relationships, community bridges, instructional skills and voice in year one, and then are well positioned to step into careers on year two. Make change as part of the community. Your two year commitment fosters a level of consistency and trust needed to be most impactful and to provide you with the skills to continue your work for years to come.


Citizen Teachers

It's the responsibility of all of us to shape the futures of our youth, and experienced volunteers (our 'Citizen Teachers') make a massive difference for students. Learn how to leverage the talents of caring adults from the community to run innovative apprenticeships that combat the opportunity gap and prepare students for college and beyond.

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Gain experience leading a classroom of students. Teaching Fellows in their second year can also choose to pursue teacher certification through one of our university or teacher certification partners.



Affect change in your local community by personally bridging the gaps and cracking the barriers that severely limit opportunity for students living in lower income communities.



Grow your leadership skills, build a professional network, deepen your knowledge of urban education and to fast-forward your career by learning how to use your unique personal strengths to make things happen.



Promote equity, cultural awareness and inclusion in your community. Be a part of an organization and a team of passionate colleagues that work to break down barriers that are too present across our country.