neil chase

The Kids Post: Alpha Blanca Alvarado Students Newsletter

Students at Alpha Blanca Alvarado Middle School in San Jose, CA completed a ten week apprenticeship course on Journalism this past fall. The apprenticeship was taught by Patrice Tanti, Director of Technical Operations at Thermo Fisher Scientific, who has a passion for writing and reporting. During the apprenticeship, students had the opportunity to meet the Executive Editor of the Bay Area News Group, Neil Chase, and video chat with the Editor-in-Chief of The Santa Clara, Jimmy Flynn.

While at first the class struggled to find quality content for their newspaper, they quickly realized the stories were right in front of them: the other apprenticeships being held at their school! Using the investigative and communication skills they were learning, they developed out the newspaper below. The apprenticeship will live on into the spring, and a new group of students will create the next edition of The Kids Post, Spring 2018!