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The Kids Post: Alpha Blanca Alvarado Students Newsletter

Students at Alpha Blanca Alvarado Middle School in San Jose, CA completed a ten week apprenticeship course on Journalism this past fall. The apprenticeship was taught by Patrice Tanti, Director of Technical Operations at Thermo Fisher Scientific, who has a passion for writing and reporting. During the apprenticeship, students had the opportunity to meet the Executive Editor of the Bay Area News Group, Neil Chase, and video chat with the Editor-in-Chief of The Santa Clara, Jimmy Flynn.

While at first the class struggled to find quality content for their newspaper, they quickly realized the stories were right in front of them: the other apprenticeships being held at their school! Using the investigative and communication skills they were learning, they developed out the newspaper below. The apprenticeship will live on into the spring, and a new group of students will create the next edition of The Kids Post, Spring 2018!

Corporate Spotlight: ThermoFisher Donates Lab Gear to CSI Students


Citizen Schools thanks Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in serving science, for donating 400 STEM-credible bags of lab safety gear to all 400 of our students this Fall! Thermo Fisher employees spent a morning at their office packing the bags for students at our three-partner schools: Woodson Elementary, Monroe Elementary and Carter School of Excellence. And the bags came at the perfect time as our students were about to start their science classes.

Mrs. Denard’s 6th grade science class at Woodson Elementary in Bronzeville was a week a way from starting the chemistry module on safety with her students in the STEM lab. Unfortunately, due to budgetary cuts seen at many Chicago public schools, she did not have enough safety equipment for her students, including gloves, goggles, and aprons. An importantThermoFisher Pic part of her class is encouraging students to experience science safely. However, it was difficult for Mrs. Denard to create a culture of safety in her science class if each of her students did not have their own safety equipment.

To Mrs. Denard’s relief and the students’ excitement, Citizen Schools staff arrived just in time to deliver Thermo Fisher’s “STEM-credible” bags, which contain safety equipment gear. Each bag includes splash guard goggles, a splash guard apron, gloves, and a lob notebook that allows students to explore the world of science in their classroom. Mrs. Denard thanked Citizen Schools and Thermo Fisher for “making her life a little bit easier.” Citizen Schools is committed to promoting STEM education in the classroom and to experience hand-on science safely, and we are grateful for Thermo Fisher’s partnership in this work. Click here to learn more about our partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific!