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Valuing Diversity in The World of Tech

Valuing Diversity in The World of Tech

Guest Post By: Teresa Fan, Software Engineer, Google and Coding Academy Coach

These opinions are my own and not meant to officially represent Google.

This past year, I had the opportunity to serve as a coach for the first Citizen Schools Coding Academy program, and I had the very special experience of working with one particular student that made a lasting impression on me.

Coding Academy Launches this Fall with Google

Last school year we made a shocking realization: only 40% of schools nation-wide currently teach computer programming - and that percentage is drastically lower in low-income communities. Add to that an increasing number of STEM jobs in the US with decreasing numbers of diverse, trained professionals to fill them. Our solution: offering students a year long opportunity to learn rigorous coding skills, build a high quality website, and be mentored by software engineers eager to inspire the next generation of coders.

Google/Coding Academy on Bronx News 12

Google handing over a big check to Citizen Schools in New York. Citizen Schools is a national nonprofit that partners with public schools to provide academic enrichment in under-served communities. The major financial investment of $500,000 from google will help launch a new coding academy pilot in our city students one on that will match one with a coding mentor from google.