NVBOTS & Citizen Schools Partnership Continues as Joseph A. Browne School Welcomes NVPro 3D Printer

I first took notice of NVBOTS and their lineup of 3D printers a couple of years ago as they entered the educational arena, ready to offer accessibility to students everywhere, beginning with their donation of an NVPro toCitizen Schools, a nonprofit organization. Since, NVBOTS has gone on to receive significant seed funding andSeries A financing, offer a 3D printing workshop for Scouts, as well as taking on commercial metal 3D printing. As their momentum keeps rolling, they’re staying focused on keeping current relationships strong too, and that includes Citizen Schools, as NVBOTS announces they will be expanding the 3D printing program partnership.

With 3D printers already in several other schools, now the NVBOTS NVPro will be finding a home at theJoseph A. Browne School which educates students from grades five through eight in Chelsea, MA. This will serve as a further extension in the partnership between the 3D printer manufacturer and the nonprofit organization as they continue an ongoing relationship in promoting 3D technology which began in 2013. Their goal together has been to give underprivileged students exposure to 3D printing and accompanying curricula and also to give them a chance to participate in the Citizen School Apprenticeship program, where they can learn hands-on.

“NVBOTS has always been passionate about inspiring students to turn their dreams into realities through 3D Printing,” said Chris Haid, NVBOTS director of operations and product management. “Our partnership with Citizen Schools is one grounded in inspiring students to learn through hands-on, experiential learning that teaches them to think differently – with confidence – and apply that way of thinking to other aspects of their life. We are proud of our growing partnership with Citizen Schools, as we give students the opportunity to innovate in ways they never imagined.”

citizen-schools-logoThroughout the years, NVBOTS has been able to create a classroom experience for students that ingrains STEM learning as they learn about design and engineering in a hands-on environment, creating products that actually make a difference. Their NVLibrary lesson plans offer introductory modules, including one that teaches students how to make 3D printed prosthetics. Their curriculum has even been used for students as young as the fourth-grade level, allowing them to learn about the technology and truly apply it to realistic issues we face in the world today.

NVBOTS has been recognized as a Top 10 Most Innovative Company in Education by Fast Company for their efforts. Students are given greater confidence as they learn new skills, as well as discovering strong new interests in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) subject areas—and seeing how challenging and fun the projects can be. Through working with NVBOTS, students truly are improving in their work, with student efficacy rates increasing, and deviation in classroom scores shrinking. In surveys given to students by the Citizen Schools organization, they noted that they had much more confidence in problem solving and felt better about their skill sets.nvpro

“NVBOTS has been a partner genuinely making a difference since day one,” said Megan Bird, executive director of Citizen Schools Massachusetts. “Not only have they donated 3D printers, curriculum and their time on a regular basis, they are inspiring our students to learn about technology, teamwork and leadership in a way that will stay with them throughout their life. This is why NVBOTS team members are consistently awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award and other accolades.”

The NVPro, while user-friendly and allowing students and teachers to print jobs from anywhere at anytime, is also the first end-to-end 3D printing system that features automated part removal—a huge benefit as it saves so much time and hassle, and also means there is no need for an onsite operator. Meant for the educational system, the NVPro offers reliability, accessibility, and simplicity in use for schools. Find out morehere about the ongoing work between NVBOTS and Citizen Schools, as well as reading the accompanying case study. You can also follow NVBOTS on Twitter @NVBOTS as well as at LinkedIn.

5 for Good: Man, machine bring imagination to life for Boston students

Watch the report BOSTON —A man and his machine are bringing imagination to life for lucky Boston middle schoolers.

Chris Haid is the COO of New Valence Robotics or NVBOTS.

His company, based in the Seaport District of Boston, offers 3-D printing solutions. He's offering a whole lot more than that to some Dorchester middle school students.

With Haid's help, sixth grader Eric Huyne has built things that until now he could only imagine.

"Hammers, houses, even Pacman."

That's a short list of items Eric has printed at McCormack Middle School.

Haid teaches a special 3D printing class at the school. He and some colleagues from MIT developed the first automated 3D printer. Haid donates his time, and through a crowdfunding effort, has donated a printer to the school because he believes deeply that technology should be accessible.

He said that "3D printers weren't sharable. They were hard to access, so we created the world's first automated 3D printer that can produce part after part after part continuously."

Haid comes to the school as part of an extended learning program called Citizen Schools, which helps kids develop key skills with a focus on technology, teamwork and leadership.

Whatever the kids think up, they can create. They sketch their ideas, build them on computers, and once they get the "go ahead" from Haid, printing begins.

Haid believes encouraging a new generation of creative minds can change the world. An inspiring message that's taking hold.

"When I grow up I want to be something like Chris who makes machines. So this is a good start for me," Eric says.

To that, Haid says "what can I say, the best part is just seeing that little spark light up in each of the student's eyes."

Very few schools have this kind of 3D printer in a classroom. NVBOTS also created a curriculum for teachers so the whole school can get involved, not just those in the Citizen Schools extended learning program.

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