Citizen Schools IS Transformational Education

On March 16, Citizen Schools North Carolina and Bank of America hosted “Transformational Education: An Education Innovation Symposium,” where a panel of experts shared their insights into the state of education reform in Charlotte, North Carolina, and across the nation. Our panel included Dr. Peter Gorman (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools), Dr. William Harrison (NC State Board of Education), Katie Belk Morris (The Belk Foundation), Eric Schwarz (Citizen Schools), and Mark Sorrells (The Golden LEAF Foundation). All of the panelists indicated that change to the education system is crucial to the success of students.  Dr. William Harrison, Chairman of the North Carolina State Board of Education said, “In the past we have held time as the constant and achievement as the variable. In the future we need to have achievement as the constant and time as the variable.”

Through partnerships with schools, community organizations, invested individuals, and corporations like Bank of America, Citizen Schools can bring change to our students and move towards making achievement the constant.

It is our hope that you will support and advocate for Citizen Schools and other evidence-based, results-oriented education reform programs.  There are many volunteer opportunities and upcoming events with Citizen Schools North Carolina: please join us!