Bank of America



A Bank of America volunteer teaches finance to middle school students

Bank of America

Bank of America has been an invaluable supporter of Citizen Schools for the past 13 years, providing key funding to fuel our national expansion, leadership for local boards, volunteer resources, and in-kind services, including the production of a promotional video.

In 2008, Bank of America became a National Leadership Partner and committed $1 million to help support Citizen Schools’ national expansion and deepen our impact across the country. Bank of America has also invested significantly in our success in individual states, providing local grants to support our programs in Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina and California. Also in California, Bank of America recognized Citizen Schools as a Neighborhood Builder®, awarding our organization $200,000 over two years as part of their Neighborhood Excellence Initiative®, which also provides strategic leadership development training for our staff and leverages a network of local non-profit leaders across the country.

Beyond financial resources, Bank of America and its employees have volunteered as Citizen Teachers, teaching apprenticeships and hosting workshops in Massachusetts, California, North Carolina, New York and Texas. Many of these apprenticeships and workshops utilize the Bank’s own financial literacy curriculum, teaching budgeting, smart spending and savings skills to students and their families. Employees have also served as executive panelists at students WOW!s, and Bank of America has hosted our annual Executive Briefing, which gathers Citizen Schools’ top stakeholders for a report on our impact and results.

Citizen Schools is very pleased to include Bank of America among our strongest and most engaged national partners. For more information on Bank of America and its community involvement, please visit