Webinar: Citizen Schools Teaching Fellowship 4-1-1

Interested in learning more about the Citizen Schools Teaching Fellowship? We're hosting a webinar on Monday 4/23, from 1-2 PM EST. Join us!
Here are four things you'll learn more about during the webinar:

1. A potential job opportunity:  Are you a recent graduate?  Are you looking for a job?  Consider the National Teaching Fellowship.  This two-year AmeriCorps program will you the opportunity to teach a class of students, grows as an educator and professional, and serve in a high-need community.  Learn more about the opportunity at the information session before the final April 27th deadline.

2. What makes the National Teaching Fellowship such a great experience: Learn from three former fellows who went through the ranks themselves.  Over 80% of Teaching Fellows continue to work as educators, becoming classroom teachers, advocates, and non-profit leaders (including leaders at Citizen Schools).  Where will the Fellowship take you.

3. What and who we look for: It could be you!  There are the formal requirements of a Bachelor’s degree, but join the information session to find out what’s not listed on the Website and get the edge on other applicants.

4. The application itself:  Find out the different elements and better understand our program before filling out the application.

Sign up here, hope to see you April 23, 2012!