Video: Who Says you Can't Make Work Fun?

Ann Lambert is a Second Year Teaching Fellow at the Irving Middle School, Roslindale, MA

Work is work… but who said it couldn’t be fun?  During a staff retreat before the school year started, I was given the challenge of presenting myself and my life to my new staff team in ten minutes or less.  HOW?  A PowerPoint?  An abridged autobiography?  Interpretive dance?  Or… do I dare… showcase my skillz*… at work?  Little known fact to people outside of my closest circle of friends: I got flow.  However, repressed by the misconception that “social Ann” and “professional Ann” should be kept distinct, I had yet to fully come out of my shell and reveal my true self to my coworkers.  Embarking on year two of the Teaching Fellowship, I took a “positive risk” as we like to say at Citizen Schools: I decided to unleash my inner rapper and creative lyricist in the workplace.  This music video is the result.  Enjoy!"

*slang for "skills", a set of competencies that enable one to be well versed and very proficient at accomplishing a goal

Beastie Boys lyric: I got the skillz to pay the bills


In what creative ways have you brought your true self and joy into your workplace?