Five Ways Not to Get a Job - Resume Edition

As second-year Teaching Fellows begin to think about their next steps, and prospective applicants vie  for positions at Citizen Schools  our super-experienced recruitment team has some sage words of advice for all resume writers to consider:

  1. Watch your spelling:  For example, “Teach for American” is not an organization;  Teach for America is an organization.  And, although there are no points like the SAT test, spell your name correctly (mostly for your own sake).
  2. If you choose to have an objective, tailor it to the organization: If your career objective is to be like Steve Irwin, Animal Planet would be a better place to send your resume than an education reform organization. Things like Crocodile wrangling and Fortune Cookie Writing are specific skill-sets, not so easily transferable (although, on second thought, maybe crocodile wrangling is).
  3. Recruiters read your document title:  thisisawful.docx=#attachmentfail
  4. Recruiters read your email address: gives an….interesting impression.
  5. Put a correct number to reach you:  We’re not sure (but we’re pretty sure) you don’t want to put potential employers on par with people you’d just rather not speak to.What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you at a job interview?