Eastway Jags...We've Got SWAG!

Exciting things have been happening at Eastway Middle School this semester! Citizen Schools students have been showing their pride by investing in College and Career Connections (C3)curricula and performance-boosting academic leagues.  All grades continue to investigate the positive choices that can be made to ensure success along their pathways to college.

Sarai, an outstanding sixth grader from Team Hound Dogs, wrote about C3.  In her essay, two strangers meet each other on the street. In the first version, the two strangers properly introduced themselves and end up becoming good friends who are supportive of each other. In the second version, the strangers do not introduce themselves properly. Consequently, they do not become friends.  When one finds himself in danger, he has no one to help him. This story illustrates that while we are not always sure that our apprentices are internalizing what we are teaching them about the power of strong oral communication and the art of networking, they are truly retaining the information.


While our apprentices have been working hard on their academics, we never forget to have a little fun! Recent team challenges include the “granny panty relay” (think: three-legged race with big drawers instead of rope) and an “a minute to win it” cookie face challenge, both of which caused contagious laughter.

Here’s what’s happening next at our campuses:

  • 8th Grade Academy campus visit to Davidson College on March 12th and to UNC – Chapel Hill on March 26th.
  • Additional Dates of events can be found here.