Are YOU Confident Enough?

While Belk, Inc. isn’t new to supporting Citizen Schools and teaching apprenticeships, rookie Citizen Teachers Keonda, April, Timaya, and Arielle are. You would think that this team of ladies would have been extremely nervous about pitching their apprenticeship to students, but that supposition could not be further from the truth.  Armed with a microphone, speakers, strobe light, and chairs, the Belk team managed to transform the classroom into a fashion show catwalk in minutes.

Unsuspecting students entered the strobe-lit room to the sound of bass-blasting techno music. Fashion models began to strut down the newly erected catwalk as the presenter described the fashions they were wearing.  Students were magically teleported from the classrooms of Henderson Middle School to a a Jean-Charles de Castelbajac fashion show in Paris.

When the lights came on, every students’ eyes were on the new Belk, Inc. Citizen Teachers. They asked the kids, “Who’s excited about fashion?” and all the hands shot up in the air. Our new Citizen Teachers have proven that, “it can be your 1st rodeo or your 5th rodeo, but it doesn’t matter as long as you’re confident enough to ride the bull!“  We just wonder if the bull will be wearing Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.