Come Get WOW!ed by Citizen Schools' Students

Join us as we celebrate the hard work of our students and Citizen Teachers at two unique WOW! events this May. A WOW! is the culminating moment in each apprenticeship when students demonstrate the knowledge and skills they learned over the course of the semester. Celebrate learning achievements with Citizen Schools at:

  • Patrick Henry Middle School Showcase WOW! Wednesday, May 9 (5:30-8:00pm) Discover what our students have been learning over the course of the semester—everything from how to build a solar car to understanding the human body to video game design. Join the school community in Patrick Henry Middle School’s auditorium for an impressive demonstration of achievements in learning! Map
  • Baylor Medical WOW! Monday, May 14 (3:45-4:45pm) Citizen Schools students will demonstrate what they have learned about the human body and its functions at one of the city’s premier medical schools- Baylor College of Medicine. Students will measure blood pressure, pulse, hearing, and reflexes, demonstrating the invaluable knowledge they acquired over the past 10 weeks from Citizen Teachers from Baylor. Map

Your support means so much to us! Please RSVP and let us know if you can make it.