VIDEO: Cubist Pharmaceuticals in the Community

Citizen Schools partner Cubist Pharmaceuticals is busy making a significant impact in the community. With a focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, Cubist employees are giving their time and talents to build deep connections with students, inspiring them to become the next generation of innovators.

Mark Culliton, CEO of Cubist, is proud that employees are showing students that a future in STEM careers can be a reality. "By our students seeing that, and understanding that this could be them, it ignites that passion that may be the thing that keeps them engaged in school," he said.

Citizen Schools is grateful for the Cubist volunteers who spend one afternoon a week teaching "apprenticeship" classes on topics like rocket science and crime scene investigation. Leo Flanigan, Principal of Clarence Edwards Middle School, has witnessed his students make incredible discoveries thanks to the Cubist volunteer Citizen Teachers. He said "It gives them an authentic experience in places that we want them to go eventually. It also gives the kids a chance to see the relationship between the academics that they have right now and the skills that they'll need later."

President/COO of Cubist and Citizen Teacher, Rob Perez, said, "What drives me to be able to participate, to be able to try give back is the fact that I know the talent that exists in these kids. It just needs to be turned on." Thanks to the passion for giving back to the community, Cubist has allowed for that talent to be unlocked through life-changing experiences for in Massachusetts.