The News & Observer: Durham School Extends Day for Sixth Graders

Durham Lengthen School Day for Sixth-Graders at Neal Middle School September 6, 2011

Durham School Extends Day for Sixth Graders

September 7, 2011

The News & Observer

After the announcement of Neal Middle School’s new partnership with Citizen Schools yesterday, the new expanded day program was featured twice in The News & Observer, both online and in print.  The Durham, NC middle school will begin their three-year partnership with Citizen Schools by lengthening the school day for about 270 sixth-graders for three hours, four days a week. During the expanded hours, students will receive academic support, including participation in language arts “academic league” aimed a raising proficiency in English Language Arts, and take apprenticeships.

"Citizen Schools is a big part of what we anticipate is going to be a big turnaround for this school," said Jeff Nash, a spokesperson for Durham Public Schools. Read the full articles here and here.