The Boston Globe: Longer school days pay off for kids in struggling cities

The Boston Globe April 2, 2013

Editorial: Longer school days pay off for kids in struggling cities

Citizen Schools is mentioned in a Boston Globe editorial that discusses Governor Deval Patrick's call for an increase in spending on early and public education opportunities, including an expanded school day. On April 2nd, individuals gathered at the State House representing the new coalition Time to Succeed Massachusetts, which includes Boston teacher's union members, charter school leaders,  and business and nonprofit representatives, to advocate for more expanded learning opportunities. The piece notes that the most successful longer day programs are often "hybrid operations."

"The best and most affordable extended day programs are hybrid operations. The schools’ regular teachers who want to earn extra money work one-on-one with students who need the extra attention on academic subjects. Meanwhile, educators from nonprofit groups such as Citizen Schools are brought in to run the enrichment programs, and for less than the contracted salaries of the school’s unionized teachers. It is a system that is already working effectively across the state, and without prompting labor disputes. State education officials would be wise to focus new funds on schools willing to adopt such models."

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