TF Spotlight: Natalee Buchanan

In continuation of the "TF Spotlight" posts highlighting Citizen Schools AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellows' service experiences our next contribution comes by way of a second year fellow from the great state of Texas, Natalee Buchanan!

Natalee Buchanan

Natalee Buchanan

Why did you decide to become an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow? I decided to become an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow because of my passion for teaching. Before I enter the classroom fully I wanted to give back to my community. I chose to do service so that I can know what is needed and required in the classroom. Joining Citizen Schools was one of the best decisions I have made because although I have tough days, I know that I am becoming a better teacher in the process.

What has been one of the most transformative moments of your service? The most transformative moment of my service so far is the joy that I see in my students eyes when they learn something new. To see my students that are learning English working tirelessly to succeed and it brings so much joy to me and reminds me why I am doing this work.

How has service changed you and/or your perspective of the world? This service has changed my perspective of the world in many ways. I see so many people not giving up on children. On the toughest day, I see people who are passionate about children spend hours to find ways to make the next day better. This service has taught me that no matter how hard things get, tomorrow is a new day and a day to fix and make better what happened yesterday.