Save Service District Day 8-10-2011

The recent agreement on the debt ceiling by Congress and the Administration carries with it deep cuts to domestic programs that are likely to be severe.  Programs like education and national service will be on the chopping block when Congress returns to Washington in September to make decisions about the fates of individual programs.  Members of Congress are now under immense pressure to achieve the cuts that were promised in the deal.

In partnership with our colleagues in the Save Service Campaign, on Wednesday August 10, we ask that you join us for Save Service District Day to tell Congress to invest in crucial national service programs by maintaining funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service.  Federal Funding for service is essential for the preservation of programs like AmeriCorps, which provides vital volunteer teachers to Citizen Schools and programs like it in classrooms across our nation.

Please visit the Save Service website and sign up for an event in your area. You can also help the cause by spreading the word to your friends and family around the country. On August 10, you can show your support online by changing your social media profile picture to the District Day badge, available on the Save Service Facebook page.

Join us August 10 for Save Service District Day to ensure that your Congress members understand that protecting funding for national service is crucial for creating jobs and improving student achievement.

Help the fight by signing up today.