Citizen Schools + Google: A High-Impact Partnership As the infographic below shows, Google and Citizen Schools have been working together deeply for eight years. Over 600 Googlers have volunteered their time to teach middle school students how to build robots, program video games, create mobile apps, and more. In no time students will be engineering Self-Driving Cars and design the next Google Glass. We are so thankful to the hundreds of Googlers who have joined our mission and inspired students to explore what excites them and dream of what their futures could look like.


At Citizen Schools annual gala,  A WOW! Affair, we will honor and celebrate this high-impact partnership. Claire Hughes Johnson (featured in the video above), Vice President of Google [X] and responsible for the futuristic Self Driving Cars division, will deliver the keynote remarks at the event, which will be held in Boston at the Museum of Science on April 30.

Boston-area Googlers are specially invited to celebrate! Click here to register.

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Learn more about Google's partnership with Citizen Schools here.