From college to the Fellowship to a Director Level Position

“I’m prepared for the job I have now because of the leadership experience I had at Citizen Schools. I can manage and lead people.”

Since many of her extracur­ricular activities involved tutoring or mentoring, Brandi Pretlow decided to pursue the field of  education. Citizen Schools looked like a great fit—and also had a Master’s degree program allowing her to learn about the field by being in the field.  

"The Fellowship helped me learn how to work with a team as well as be creative and innovative in the education field. It also provided me with leadership experience."

After Citizen Schools, Brandi moved on to a Program Director role at Horton’s Kids in Washington, D.C.  In her role at Horton's Kids, a one-on-one tutoring program that serves 140 low-income students, Brandi conducts assessments, prepares learning plans, and develops enrichment programs. Brandi hopes to continue in the field of education, and strives to be an advocate for students in the D.C. Public School System.