Christopher Conroy Strengthens Community Connections at Codman Academy

"I came to Citizen Schools because I realized that I could make a real difference on the front line of education."

During his two years in the Fellowship, Christopher Conroy formed close relationships with students, who shone “a little light” in his life.  His work with Citizen Schools confirmed his belief that some of the most important aspects of education include “feeling safe, accepted, respected, and celebrated as a young person”.  

"Citizen Schools allowed me to learn first-hand about the deep, systemic inequalities in schools."

After graduating from the Fellowship, Christopher started working at Codman Academy, where several of his coworkers and some of his students from Citizen Schools had also moved. He now teaches students who have trouble succeeding in mainstream classrooms at Codman Academy in Dorchester where “every student is valued, and that value is demonstrated and affirmed on a daily basis.” Christopher continues to seek authentic community involvement, and to create a classroom “where it’s really exciting … [and] really fun to learn.”