Education News Weekly Roundup

The Education News Weekly Roundup is brought to you by Holly Trippett, the Public Relations Intern at Citizen Schools and a senior at Emerson College studying Marketing Communications. This news roundup includes news from 4/17 - 4/26.

Citizen Schools News:

Education News: 

  • New York Times/WNYC: School Book – 4/17 – New Study Identifies ‘Opportunity Gap’ for Students – Educators have long studied the achievement gap, in which black and Hispanic pupils and low-income students of all races perform at much lower levels than their white, Asian and better-off peers. A new study released on Tuesday by a group that supported efforts to attain for more money for city schools looked at the educational opportunities available to poor and minority students and found the choices lacking.
  • Chicago Magazine – 4/23 – A Case for Longer School Days? – This article reflects on Houston’s success with extending the school day and mentions that gains were strongest with partnerships.
  • CNN – The push for longer school days - Steve Perry talks about why he is in favor of longer school days.
  • Harlem Children’s Zone – 4/24 – A Bold New Plan – HCZ shared a video on their plan to build a $100M new school and community center building in Harlem. The video is really well done and highlights how the organization is utilizing social media.