Citizen Schools Receives Increased AmeriCorps Grant

With support from the AmeriCorps national service program, Citizen Schools expanded its Teaching Fellowship program by more than 80% in 2010-11, engaging 235 aspiring educators in full-time service. AmeriCorps recently awarded $3 million to Citizen Schools, a substantial increase over prior awards that reflects the superb performance of Citizen Schools’ Fellows in advancing student achievement and mobilizing diverse volunteers. Teaching Fellows lead students in all of their learning activities at Citizen Schools -- building academic skills, co-teaching apprenticeships, and leading visits to college campuses. In addition, Fellows develop consistent relationships with students, parents and teachers. Many Teaching Fellows also earn their master’s degree in education during their two-year term at Citizen Schools through a program offered jointly with Lesley University. After their Fellowship, most Teaching Fellows pursue careers in teaching, education reform, and nonprofit leadership. The increased award from AmeriCorps follows the passage of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act in April 2009, which renewed the nation’s commitment to invest in high-quality programs that mobilize citizens in service. Citizen Schools has merited AmeriCorps’ increased support by recruiting outstanding college graduates, providing them with effective training and supervision, and putting them in positions where they can develop and deliver their tremendous talents on behalf of our students.