Alumni Spotlight

Meet Sindel Desange Hi!  I'm Sindel, and am a  junior at North Cambridge Catholic High School. I live with my mom, grandma, aunt, uncle and cousin in Hyde Park.  In middle school, I participated in Citizen Schools at the Rogers and then at 8th Grade Academy where I was able to meet with adults, visit colleges, and learn about high school choice  and how I could get myself into a good high school.  

Now, I'm excited about attending college to study electrical engineering.  It's still a little far off, but 8GA got me started looking at colleges, and I'm not stopping.

Citizen Schools taught me about the importance of putting myself out there, seizing opportunities, and getting involved in things that will help me learn more and make connections. My high school helps me do this. I've had two internships so far with the New England Aquarium and at Congress Asset Management. And now I'm a part of the college prep program, Upward Bound, so that I can keep my momentum going towards getting into college.

For Upward Bound, I go to Wheelock College where they help me with my homework when I need it, and I take a class to prepare for the SATs. This summer I'll be taking classes too, so I won't get to hang out with my friends as much, but I will be getting myself more ready for applying to college.

The apprenticeships were cool and my team leaders knew a lot but I didn't always like going to Citizen Schools everyday because they really worked us! But I'm really glad I did because now I'm in a good high school, I know how to do internships and jobs, and I'm going to go to college.