Celebrating AmeriCorps Week: 20 Outstanding Alumni


This week is AmeriCorps Week. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate the 900,000 individuals who have served as Service Members since 1994. Citizen Schools has placed more than 1,400 of these members at our campuses over the past twelve years. That is almost 3 million hours of service to communities nationwide.

Citizen Schools National Teaching Fellowship is an opportunity to personally change the lives of students and to participate in the transformation of the American school day. It is also an opportunity for personal growth and development - each Fellow learning new skills and gaining a better understanding of the individual strengths that can propel them to greatness after the Fellowship. Our Fellows have significantly contributed to the fields of higher education, school reform, private industry, government service and nonprofit organizations. Our alumni hold positions from university professor to school board member to nonprofit founder

In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we are celebrating 20 Outstanding Alumni who have served as AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows and then continued to impact the world in big ways. We asked each featured alum to update us on their career progression and how the Fellowship helped to enrich their careers. Each alumni also shares stories about their most memorable moments while serving at Citizen Schools.

Please join us in honoring the service of these 20 Outstanding Alumni and the commitment of all AmeriCorps volunteers, past and present, during AmeriCorps Week (click on a name to read full profile):