Boston Globe: Key lessons on expanding the school day

Boston Globe October 8, 2013

In an opinion piece co-authored by Pat Kirby, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Citizen Schools, and five principals of Citizen Schools' partner middle schools, describes the lessons learned from expanding the learning day in Boston.

Key lessons on expanding the school day

"Expanded Learning Time has been touted as a key lever for school improvement in the Boston mayoral campaign. As a network of middle schools partnering with the nonprofit Citizen Schools, we have first-hand experience navigating the complexities and opportunities of expanding the school day for Boston Public School students.

Together, we are partnering to build better school communities with increased family involvement and the resources necessary to close educational gaps. We leverage Citizen Schools’ “second shift” of AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows and volunteers to compliment a swing shift of Boston Teachers Union teachers. Together, we aligned to improve our student’s academic performance and engagement while building greater teacher collaboration." Continue reading.