Adrian Haugabrook’s Mission: “To serve and be of service to others”

After working for three years in Zambia with the United States Peace Corps, Allison joined Citizen Schools in order to “make the transition to a more education-focused career.” She became a Teaching Fellow at the Irving Middle School.

“I had a really great time with the middle schoolers, and along the way I gained experience in managing behavior in the classroom as well as in teaching and orienting new staff."

Allison left with substantial experience in educational program management and an interest in urban education. After her tenure with Citizen Schools, Allison transitioned to a high school setting with Upward Bound. At Upward Bound, Allison is able to tie together her long-standing interest in science, her Masters in civil engineering, and her incredible experience with Citizen Schools. Allison is considering pursuing school administration positions in the future, and for now she is committed to using her expertise in teaching and management to fight for educational equality for high school students with Upward Bound.