Attend a Lunch and Learn!

New Friend, I am happy to share with a little bit of information about Citizen Schools and what we stand for.

Citizen Schools was founded in 1995 by Eric Schwarz and Ned Rimer. Eric and Ned taught Citizen Schools’ first apprenticeships at a Boston school, publishing a community newspaper and delivering first aid. In 2006, Citizen Schools opened its first full-grade Expanded Learning Time partnership. In 2016, we are in 36 schools and 7 states throughout the nation.

By filling underused afternoon hours with engaging, hands-on experiences, Citizen Schools helps struggling middle schools re-imagine the learning day to meet the demands of high school, college, and the global economy with its signature “apprenticeships,” led by volunteers like you.

Within their apprenticeships, students explore new fields and career opportunities. Students program smartphone applications, film and edit documentary films, engineer solar cars, and design marketing campaigns. Each apprenticeship culminates in a public celebration, known as a WOW!. Students select two apprenticeships each semester, with each meeting once a week for 90 minutes.

If you’d like to learn more about Citizen Schools or how you can get involved to help a student both discover and achieve their dreams, please attend a Lunch and Learn to hear more.

Thank you,

Briana Mitchell

Director of Civic Engagement