Highlights from this Fall's WOW! Showcases

This past December, as people celebrated the end of 2016, Citizen Schools California celebrated a semester of student achievement! We were overwhelmed with pride as students shared what they learned in subjects ranging from female empowerment to 3D printing at their WOW! showcases. To see a video slideshow from our WOW! Showcase at Joseph George Middle School, click here!

Reflection of Parent:"It was such a pleasant surprise to see my child capture an audience by sharing with them what he had learned in his apprenticeship"

Jose C., Student, upon receiving a Value Star Award: "This day keeps getting better and better!"

Erin Baudo, Citizen Schools Board Member reflecting after attending a WOW! the night before: "Last night's event was amazing. The kids were beaming. And I spoke with a parent who was almost in tears she was so proud of her daughter. Such a great reminder of what it's all about and the power of CS to bring the community together." 

Citizen Teacher Volunteer: "It was nice to witness how much information our students absorbed in their apprenticeship when they were sharing what they learned to family and staff."

Citizen Schools Student: "I learned so much in my apprenticeship and it was a lot of fun to share with family and friends what I learned ... When's the next one?!"

Geoff Vu, Principal of Roots International Academy, Reflecting on their school's first WOW!:"The CSC Staff's faces said it best. You love our kids and you've grown to know them so well..."

Zoe Pilla, Civic Engagement Coordinator at Citizen Schools California: “I saw rooms filled with excited students eager to show off all of the amazing things that they’d learned throughout their apprenticeship. There were rooms with students displaying hydro-power generators built with plastic spoons and styrofoam, rooms filled with books and eager student-authors ready to read them to any passer-by, it was so touching to see all of the students so happy with their accomplishments.”

Marline Estelle, Teaching Fellow at William Sheppard Middle School: “My heart was warmed to hear so many teachers and parents come up to me about how the students knocked their socks off with all of the skills and information they obtained. Sometimes, as a teacher, it is hard to know what the students truly grasped, but it is events like this WOW that allow us to see our students shine!!”

Paige Clark, Teaching Fellow at Joseph George Middle School: “During the special star value awards, students chanted the names of the recipients and high-fived them as they made their way to the stage. The respect, pride, and joy that the students brought to our event is what made it truly incredible!”

Miranda Smith, Teaching Fellow at Greenleaf Elementary School: “Guests were welcomed into the campus' new cafeteria which had been transformed into a magical experience that truly flaunted all of our students' hard work, and our students were prepared, knowledgeable, and professional in showcasing their apprenticeships!”