Meet Citizen Teacher Matt Collier


Eight months ago, first time Citizen Teacher Matt Collier moved from the United Kingdom, where he worked with an education-focused volunteer program. Here in the U.S., Matt feeds his passion to make a difference in two ways: first, as a Citizen Teacher at the Renaissance School Of The Arts, where he teaches Math Mysteries and second, as a part of a company that collects and refactors old computers, donating them to schools and families lacking technical resources.  

Matt thinks the key to service is the actual time committed. He believes just a little bit of invested time can make a huge impact on students, encouraging them to do the same. What is he most excited about for this upcoming semester? “Getting back in the classroom, meeting students and the next ten weeks of program.”

Citizen Schools New York is thrilled to be working with dedicated volunteers like Matt, and we’re excited to see his contributions make a significant difference in the lives of our young scholars.