NYC Mayoral Service Awards

At Citizen Schools, we envision a world in which schools, companies and families partner to provide students with a set of real-world learning experiences that put them on a path to college and career success. Here at CSNY, we are lucky to have volunteers representing so many different fields each semester. From an introduction to neuroscience with Columbia University, to a public speaking master class with a Googler, we couldn’t do what we do without our amazing CTs! CSNY recognizes the hard work and dedicated service of our volunteers through the NYC Mayoral Service Awards.

The NYC Mayoral Service Awards recognize volunteers and board members who have served 100+ hours within the last calendar year. Volunteers will receive a personalized Mayoral Service Recognition certificate. CSNY is proud to be able to recognize the following  20 CTs. Their most recent apprenticeships are listed in parentheses:

  • Anya Estrov, Lego Robotics
  • Ayumi Rogers, Lego Robotics
  • Elizabeth Wang, Smiles for Miles with NYUCD
  • Giovanni Green, Backstage Pass
  • Joseph Kang, Smiles for Miles with NYUCD
  • Benjamin Lucas, Hydroponics
  • Jackie Zopf, Girls in Charge
  • Sammie Fat, Smiles for Miles with NYUCD
  • Carrie Isaacman, Shakespeare
  • Caitlin McNally, Documentary Filmmaking
  • Chuck Shaw, Talk Like a Pro
  • Eric Berg, Within the Frame
  • Eugene Park, Smiles for Miles with NYUCD
  • Harry Bullen, Lego Robotics
  • Jordan Ehrlich, Documentary Filmmaking
  • Soo Yoo, Smiles for Miles with NYUCD
  • Janai Smith, Community Problem Solvers with ECPAT
  • Lyndon Tran, Smiles for Miles with NYUCD
  • Morgan Bender, Yoga
  • Nicholas Tai, Smiles for Miles with NYUCD

We also recognize the following board members:

  • Lucy Vasserman
  • Carol Rosenberg
  • Laura Parker
  • Marc Finkle
  • Alejandro Cravino
  • Amanda Lee

Thanks to each and every CSNY CT who has given their time and talent to helping close the opportunity gap for our students in East Harlem and Brooklyn in the 2017-2018 school year!