Celebrating Our Team: Citizen Schools Annual Awards

Each spring at Citizen Schools brings a flurry of energy and activity. Spring WOW! season: the culmination of another year of programming and celebration of the hard work of our students; graduating yet another class of our hard working AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows; and the palpable buzz and youthful excitement you find in any school environment that grows with each passing day that brings us closer to summer.

Building on this energy, each spring we take a moment to reflect on the last year and celebrate the work of our dedicated staff and AmeriCorps service members with two key awards to our Citizen Schools family: The Eric Schwarz Leadership Award and Tulaine Montgomery Village Builder Award.

Eric Schwarz Leadership Award

The Eric Schwarz Leadership Award was established by Citizen Schools National Board of Directors to recognize Eric’s 20 years of service as a visionary founder, compassionate entrepreneur, and respected leader. In honor of his two decades of service to Citizen Schools, the award is presented annually to two Teaching Fellows at the completion of their second year.

Past Winners:

Tulaine Montgomery Village Builder Award

The Tulaine Montgomery Village Builder Award is given annually to members of the Citizen Schools community who - in the spirit of founding staff member Tulaine Shabazz Marshall Montgomery - demonstrate an outstanding ability to build community and to unite diverse stakeholders in producing wonderful work.

Past Winners:

Citizen Schools Staff and AmeriCorps Members - Remember nominations/applications are due Wednesday May 23! Find the Citizen Schools Awards site from your Okta homepage.