Citizen Schools Accepting Applications for National Teaching Fellowships

A chance to Teach, Serve, Grow and Promote Equity


San Jose, CA—Nov 30, 2017—Citizen Schools is today announcing applications are available to become an AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellow in CA. Teaching Fellows have the opportunity to change the lives of middle school students in underserved school districts (San Jose and Oakland) by working closely with them through the school day as well as during after school Expanded Learning Time (ELT) programs.  This two-year commitment will challenge accepted applicants to grow both personally and professionally while giving back to the community they serve.

Citizen Schools is a national non-profit which offers after school apprenticeships taught by corporate volunteers referred to as “Citizen Teachers,” and also provides academic support during the school day through the AmeriCorps National Teaching Fellowship program. The organization’s mission is to close the opportunity gap which exists between students from low-income districts and their peers from more affluent districts. By focusing on the critical middle school years, Citizen Schools is helping students better prepare for high school and beyond.

"There is a reason we call the Teaching Fellowship a time to ‘Teach, Serve, Grow and promote equity’,” said Emily McCann, CEO of Citizen Schools.  “The Fellowship offers passionate people the chance to create a more equitable educational experience for our students in the classroom - and the opportunity to build a set of personal relationships and professional skills that will support them in their leadership journey."

AmeriCorps Teaching fellows must possess the desire to work closely with middle school students on a daily basis, as well as a strong background in Math and English. A bachelor’s degree is preferred, but those with at least 60 credit hours at an accredited college or university will be considered.

“We know that today’s generation of young adults has a passion for citizenship,” said Maria Drake, executive director of Citizen Schools CA.  “AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows have the opportunity to give back by helping our country address one of its greatest challenges. Our fellows work with middle school students to give them the skills they need to achieve their dreams.”

All National Teaching Fellow positions begin in July 2018 with Summer Institute, an intensive training program during which teaching fellows will learn the skills needed to successfully serve in low income schools and deliver high quality academic enrichment to students.

Those who are interested can apply HERE.

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About Citizen Schools
Citizen Schools is a national nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities. Citizen Schools mobilizes a team of AmeriCorps educators and volunteer “Citizen Teachers” to teach real-world learning projects and provide academic support in order to help all students discover and achieve their dreams. For more information, please visit