Share Your Story: Documentary Film


In this curriculum student’s stories take center stage in documentary films based on their own passions and issues. While learning technology skills for filming and basic film editing to propose solutions to a problem in their community. The opportunity to share a persuasive film rooted in their own experience. To gather footage and understand the core of the problem they choose, students gather comments and reactions from adults. Filmmaking builds student’s voice and confidence to be advocates for themselves and their communities as leaders and effective team members.

Let's Talk About College


A college education provides limitless opportunities for an individual. Yet for many, college seems like an unattainable goal financially. The purpose of this curriculum is to teach students how to plan financially for college. College can be expensive, but is a worthwhile investment in the long run. Throughout this course, students will learn about the social and economic value of college. Students will also learn the value of saving, and that it is never too early to start.

Electrical Engineering


Apprentices will learn about electricity and power through a series of hands-on experiments wherein they will create circuits for flashlights and houses. Apprentices will learn about how electricity flows, what a circuit diagram is, how to wire a circuit in series and in parallel, and how to make an on/off switch. Apprentices will wire the lights in a 3D cardboard box to meet specifications (bright lights, dim lights, switches). In the end, they will design and build an electrical device of their choosing.

Design Thinking

design thinking

Inefficiencies, distractions, and time wasted on over complicated tasks are part of the grown-up experience. But do they have to be? In this apprenticeship, students use design thinking to answer this question with a resounding “No!” The lessons in this unit focus on easing the strain of one part of the day, the morning routine! They will promote the kind of thinking that will enable students to design their way out of those inefficient tasks, eliminate distractions, and remove unnecessary complications to everyday tasks.

This unit asks students to build things based on a number of RAFT kits which will give students some technical training with physical materials. Students will use the skills learned in these design challenges to develop a solution for a large-scale and relevant challenge: “Design something to solve a problem during morning preparations for school or work."

Math Mysteries: Ciphers, Games and Magic

math mysteries

In Math Mysteries, students will hone problem-solving skills while working together to crack codes, play games, and master magic tricks. Each section (ciphers, games, and magic tricks) is fundamentally based on mathematical concepts and students will have the opportunity to learn through inquiry and problem solving. In the last three weeks of the apprenticeship, students will demonstrate their skill mastery in the National Spy Academy as they solve challenges in teams and ultimately thwart Dr. Chaos’ cyber-attack on the school.