+ What is Citizen Schools?

We connect middle school students with the real world and their future career pathways, in partnership with public middle schools in urban communities.

What makes us special is our apprenticeship model - semester-long projects that turn kids into young scientists, architects, lawyers, business owners or cooks that are taught by volunteers, like you, we call Citizen Teachers.
Many studies show that expanding time for student learning has an impact on student achievement—particularly for at-risk students. By expanding the learning day, more students within a school community can have access to academic support, enrichment activities, and mentoring. Non-profit organizations, such as Citizen Schools, partner with schools to significantly extend the school day for all students.

+ What is an apprenticeship and wow!?

Apprenticeships are real-world projects related to science, finance, architecture, the arts, fitness, service, media, law and various other topics taught by volunteer Citizen Teachers. Apprenticeships are taught over the course of 10 weeks.

A WOW! is the public presentation of what the students learned or produced over the 10 weeks. "WOW!" is also the most common phrase you hear at a Citizen Schools event when students are able to teach you what they've learned in just 10 weeks!

+ What Can I Teach?

Citizen Schools has a library full of engaging lesson plans to choose from. Citizen Teachers have taught everything from robotics to the science of cooking, law and government.

The best way to decide what to teach is to see what others have taught. We invite you to explore our Curriculum Library!

+ What is the time commitment?

Apprenticeships are taught 90 minutes a week over the course of 10 weeks and depending on the location, are taught Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and begin between 2:00 and 6:00 pm.

You will receive five hours of training prior to entering the classroom. You should also plan to spend an hour to prepare for your lesson each week.

As a Citizen Teacher, you and thousands of other volunteers will be joining a movement that will change education forever. As one Citizen Teacher alumni puts it, “it will feed your soul.”

+ Can I Teach with Others?

Absolutely! Many of our apprenticeships are taught by teams of Citizen Teachers of two to four co-workers or friends.

In fact, we’ve found that teams of Citizen Teachers teach some of our most outstanding apprenticeships.