Students in under-served communities have too few chances to engage in the enrichment and deeper learning opportunities needed for success in today’s workforce.

Students in upper-income families spend 300 more hours each year engaging with caring adults and participating in enriching experiences outside of the classroom than do the three million students in lower-income households- resulting in a deficit of nearly 6,000 hours by the time they reach middle school.

Investment in Supplemental Education Activities

SOURCE: Tom Mortenson, Bachelor' Degree Attainment by age 24 by Family Income Quartiles, 1970 to 2012, Postsecondary Education Opportunity, 2013

In our Expanded Learning Time model, adolescents work side by side with experts to explore new fields, learn new skills, and build a foundation for their future.

We partner with under served middle schools that need additional support and resources. Our program supports academic achievement in core subjects like English Language Arts and Mathematics, while building important 21st Century and Social Emotional skills through real-world learning experiences. 


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We serve adolescents at a critical point in their development - as they search for their pathway into the adult world.

  • A significant indicator of college completion is the belief that one’s desired career requires a college education, as measured at grade eight.

  • Test scores, behaviors and attitudes measured at grade eight explain more than half of the poverty-based gaps in the high school graduation rate.

  • Of the 30% of students who don’t graduate from high school, two-thirds are dropping out in the 9th grade.

  • Formation of self-concept around abilities forms by age 10 to 12.

  • Students who report interest in science, technology, engineering or math at this age are most likely to pursue advanced education and careers in STEM fields.

Every semester Citizen Schools students participate in 10-week apprenticeships taught by Citizen Teachers.

Students are transformed into website designers, lawyers, financial advisers, and much more, learning how their current academics apply to a future pathway. We design curriculum to connect academic and 21st century standards to careers and real life. Each semester culminates in a WOW! event where students teach back what they learned to teachers, parents, and community members. The name “WOW!” is simply the most common reaction from adults when they see what our students have accomplished.

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