Wells Fargo Advisors WOW!

On May 10, students from Jane Long Middle School ventured to the Wells Fargo Advisors downtown office to showcase what they’ve learned in their apprenticeships. The WOW! consisted of three apprenticeships: Secrets to Making Money, Cyber Safety and Food and Nutrition. All of the students presented their projects to an engaged group of 30 Wells Fargo employees in the company’s Conference Room. Students in the Secrets to Making Money apprenticeship, which was taught by volunteers from Wells Fargo Advisors, learned the basic concepts of stocks and financial systems. Students researched companies worth investing in and presented their data analysis. Students in Cyber Safety shared ways that young adults can stay protected from potential dangers while online, while students in Food and Nutrition discussed how to “rate your plate” and know if you’re eating in a healthy and nutritious manner. They even provided tasty and nutritious snacks for the audience.  We are thankful to Wells Fargo for working so closely with our students and allowing us to utilize their office space. Our students were thrilled to participate in this great experience.

[Picture: Citizen Schools apprentices and Citizen Teachers Bill Molfetto and Charlie Neuhaus]