Students End the Semester with a WOW!

Once again, Citizen Schools students WOW!ed parents, teachers, volunteers, and community members with their end of semester performances this spring. With over a hundred guests in attendance,  Patrick Henry students packed the hallways in their bright blue, green, and orange shirts as they jostled for the opportunity to present what they had learned over the course of the semester.

The WOW! gave students an opportunity to exhibit some excellent performances and presentations.  Students in the Boys2Men Apprenticeship entertained and intrigued the audience with their well-rehearsed Step performance.  The Baking Science apprenticeships’ competition was so fierce all baked goods disappeared within minutes. Crack the Case students introduced very innovative ice cream flavors, which also sold out quickly.  Students, faculty, and staff from PHMS and Citizen Schools all contributed to Art is the Answer’s WOW!, leaving a legacy of a colorful, patterned mural on campus.  Overall, students celebrated all of their hard work from the semester.

Citizen Schools' students from Fondren Middle School were not to be outdone and took home the grand prize at a city-wide competition with the presentation of their WOW!  The Music to My Ears apprenticeship won the Love Speaks Music for a Cause Contest on May 23.  The contest, hosted by the Texas Beacon of Light Outreach, asked students to create an original song showing the word "LOVE."  Click here to see the Music to My Ears apprenticeship's winning performance!

A huge shout out and thank you to all of the volunteers, Citizen Schools staff, and students who helped bring these awesome WOW!s together.  We are looking forward to continuing and expanding our successes with nearly 60 apprenticeships in fall 2013!  Please click here if you would like to get involved.