Sixth-grade Students Experience College Life at UNC Charlotte

UNCC Trip MLKOn March 9th more than sixty sixth-grade Citizen Schools students from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School experienced college life first-hand as they explored the campus of UNC Charlotte, an opportunity organized by Teaching Fellow Kate Tullman and Deputy Campus Director Ben Masten. Students toured the Fretwell Building's auditorium-style classrooms, walked through the Quad, lounged in the Student Union and cheered for the Charlotte 49ers as they defeated the Saint Joseph's Hawks 52-40 in Halton Arena. The students also admired some of the public art found throughout the campus grounds and were most intrigued by Bobbie Carlyle's Self Made Man sculpture (pictured left) depicting a man carving his own form out of bronze - essentially defining his character and shaping his own future. One of the students, Kayla, explained that the sculpture "shows you can do anything."

The college exploration tied into the C3 (College & Career Connections) curriculum and provided a real-world learning experience for students that enabled them to "really see themselves being in college," according to Tullman. Citizen Schools staff members also weaved in impressive facts about UNCC for students during the tour, including:

  • UNCC is the 4th largest state school in NC.
  • Over 25,000 students are enrolled at UNCC
  • There are 86 different degree programs available.

The experience made a lasting impression on each student - many of them expressing an interest in attending UNCC one day. Here are some of the reflections they shared afterward:

"I had fun and want to visit more schools." - Willard

"I want to get a good education at a school like this. I could see myself sitting in class like the one we saw." - Felix

"I would like to know more about the art and design program." - Karen

"The computer science building made me think I might want to do that." - Leilani

"I'm on top of the world!" - Apolonio

"When can I come back?" - Eleazer

Have an idea for a college or career exploration for students in Charlotte or Durham? Contact Quoinesha Jones, Manager of External Engagement, for more information.