Fall WOW! Spotlight: Stocks and Investments with AllianceBernstein

Imagine being in 6th grade and engaging in an in depth look at stocks and investments. Now, imagine at the end of 10 weeks, giving a presentation about what you’ve learned to a roomful of senior executives and the CEO of a leading global asset management firm. Terrifying? Not for 6th graders at Isaac Newton School for Math and Science in East Harlem. Last semester, students at Isaac Newton worked alongside investment experts from AllianceBernstein to first gain an in depth understanding of the math concepts and vocabulary associated with investments, including interest, risk, and return. Then, they created stock portfolios to track throughout the semester. They performed a 360˚ analysis of the financial market, and made connections between current events, such as movie releases, to the fluctuation of stock values.

At their WOW!, held at the AllianceBernstein offices in Midtown, the students gave professional presentations about their stock portfolios and investment decisions to a panel of senior level advisors and CEO Peter Kraus. The panel was then encouraged to give their feedback on the students’ presentations and the success of their investments. The students presentations were amazing- their understanding of  high level concepts was apparent and very exciting for everyone in attendance.

Before their presentation, guests were given the special opportunity to hear the unique story of three students from another of our schools, Global Technology Preparatory (also in East Harlem). In a very candid and heartwarming way, these boys shared their journey from schoolwork failure and apathy to good grades and promising futures with the help of their Citizen Schools teachers and volunteers. Watch their speech below.

GTP Boys Speech

AllianceBernstein is one of Citizen Schools New York’s longest running partners. Over the past three years, 45 employees have dedicated their time to teaching our students twelve apprenticeships in business topics ranging from sports team management to branding and entrepreneurship- many of them have taught multiple semesters! As further testimony to the deep investment of AllianceBernstein in Citizen Schools, CEO Peter Kraus, addressed guests of the WOW!, touching on the incredible importance of mentor relationships to future success and the dedication of their company to providing those relationships for our students. Watch a clip of his address below.

AllianceBernstein WOW!, CEO Address

In the upcoming spring semester, Citizen Teachers from AllianceBernstein will lead a personal investment apprenticeship that will teach students the basic terminology and financial management skills critical for development into responsible, money savvy adults. Through the applied knowledge of budgeting, saving, and investing, students will be empowered to assist a real client with his/her individualized investment plan at the WOW!, and to make smart financial decisions themselves for years to come. We look forward to seeing our students take on roles as personal financial advisors- maybe we’ll all learn something!