Eastway Students Are Smitten & Hooked on Photography

Lucy Parker Randall and Steven Randall of Smitten & Hooked photography shared their time and expertise with a group of students at Eastway Middle School on Tuesday March 12th.  The husband and wife team visited as guest speakers for the Prevention through Photography apprenticeship led by volunteer Citizen Teacher, Melissa Garrett of Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center.  Lucy kicked off the presentation with a sneak peak of their new promotional video which features Lucy and Steven as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, playfully shooting photographs around town.  After viewing the video, Lucy showed the students a few examples of key photography principles such as rule of thirds, perspective, and the golden hour.  The students asked many great questions and, with equipment in hand, the group headed outside for a photography demonstration.  Lucy and Steven led hands-on activities with the students to further explain other elements of design such as leading lines and to illustrate lighting techniques including operating a light reflector.  The impact of the guest speakers' visit was most obvious when the students ran to Lucy and Steven to proudly show them the photographs they had captured. Share your passion or expertise. Volunteer with Citizen Schools students.