Apprenticeship Only Pilot in East Palo Alto

rsz_cameraThanks to funding from the HP Foundation, beginning in early September, Citizen Schools California (CSC) will partner with Aspire East Palo Alto (EPA) Phoenix Academy to offer their middle school students two apprenticeships each semester. This pilot project is an opportunity to design a scalable model of apprenticeships that combine in-person and virtual mentoring for students. We will leverage new and existing technology to bring virtual Citizen Teachers, paired with in-person staff and volunteers, into the classroom without losing the hands-on learning that happens during our apprenticeships. Each apprenticeship will meet once a week for 90 minutes and will help 20 students from Aspire EPA Phoenix Academy see how academic and 21st century skills apply in the real world. Based on conversations and in partnership with the school, we are offering:

Shark Tank

In this apprenticeship, students will learn how to run a small business through hands-on experience combined with classroom learning. The students will first work in teams of three to generate business concepts. The teams will then pitch their concepts to an investor panel and the top three ideas will be awarded. All students will then join one of the three winning ideas and actually build a product that they will showcase at the culminating WOW! event. The students will learn business fundamentals, including finance, marketing, product development, and manufacturing. Students will network and learn from guest speakers from companies like Google and Apple!

Photojournalism/Digital Yearbook

Tell the story of your school and community using the Power of Photography. The goal of this apprenticeship is to introduce students to the art, technical craft, creative expression, and many other purposes of photography and photojournalism. Students will use digital cameras to create a “digital yearbook” that will demonstrate their learning and showcase their creativity. Students will learn valuable skills like critical thinking, communication, and how to use new technologies. They will also learn directly from experts in the field who are excited to share their expertise with our students!