"When you invest in education, you equalize the playing field."

In Charlotte, N.C., the community is coming together to address education in a powerful way thanks to investments from companies like Bank of America. Take a look at this video that highlights Citizen Schools and a group of partners that we are working with to ensure that all of Charlotte's children get the education they deserve. http://youtu.be/UDWFOAGpc-o

"It's up to the adults in the community to make sure that every child gets the same quality education." - Denise Watts, Executive Director, Project L.I.F.T.

"We are focusing on trying to close the gaps that people have in education." - Charles Bowman, N.C. Market President, Bank of America

"Middle School is important because that's where we lose a lot of kids." - Tonya Horton, Executive Director, Citizen Schools North Carolina

"They (students) have got to know what to reach for." - Alison Harris, Principal, Ranson Middle School

"By being exposed to a variety of career opportunities and people, they (students) begin to know and discover who they really are." - Melissa Dunlap, Principal, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School